Prevent overuse injuries by using tools that simulate your hands, forearms & thumbs
• Avoid the "Burnout" by Reducing Fatigue on the Hands, Wrists, & Thumbs
• Increase your clientele by working smarter not harder
• Easier to perform & increased ability to provide deeper pressure massage on clients
• Lightweight & portable tools can be used in-office or for out-calll services
• Creates diversity in your menu of services

For the Client
• Gently heated bamboo tools provide additional therapeutic relief during the session to allow for extreme relaxation
• Deeper pressure can be achieved for clients who enjoy very deep tissue massage
•Versatile treatment that can be used for Swedish, Deep Tissue, & Sports style massage
• Increases circulation & stimulates the flow of blood & lymph.
Bamboo is made of Silica & makes the skin more supple & can even aid in cellulite reduction.